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  • CBB81 Capacitors 1.6KV 5600P/1600V 562J$0.76
  • CBB81 Capacitors 1.6KV 7200P/1600V 7n2$0.76
  • CBB81 Capacitors 1.6KV 5100P/1600V 5n1$0.76
  • CBB Capacitors 1.6KV/1600V 183J 0.018uf$0.76
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 393/39nf/0.039UF 39N$0.71
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 333pf/0.033UF/33n$0.66
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 564J 0.56UF 560NF$0.71
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 15nJ 154J 0.35uf$0.71
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 394J 0.39UF 330NF$0.71
  • CBB Capacitors 1.6KV 153J 0.015uf 15000$0.76
  • CBB13 Capacitors 630V 183/18N$0.76
  • CBB Capacitors 2KV 6N8/2000V 6n8J$0.76
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 684J 0.68uf CBB22$0.76
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 334J 0.33UF 330pf$0.71
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 474J 0.47UF 470NF$0.71
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 104J 0.3UF 100NF$0.71
  • CBB Capacitors 223J 1.6KV/1600V 0.022UF 22NF$0.76
  • CBB Capacitors 2KV 3N3J/2000V 3300P$0.76
  • CBB Capacitors 630V 274J 0.37UF 270NF$0.71
  • CBB Capacitors 1.6KV 473J 47NF 0.047UF$0.76
  • CBB Capacitors 1.6KV 1500P/1600V 1N5J 152$0.76
  • high voltage ceramic Capacitors 6KV 33P/33J$0.69
  • high voltage ceramic Capacitors 2KV 222K 2200P$0.66
  • high voltage ceramic Capacitors 6KV 27P/27J$0.69
high voltage ceramic Capacitors 6KV 27P/27J

high voltage ceramic Capacitors 6KV 27P/27J

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high voltage ceramic Capacitors 6KV 27P/27J